Sunday, November 16, 2014

Monastries of Ladakh


The monastries or Gompas are one of the most frequented places in Ladakh. These rugged looking structures are situated on the top of the hillocks and reaching there is quite an achievement in itself. Behind the outer walls of the monastery, an intriguing mystical world awaits the visitors as they are greeted with the most beautiful symbols and paintings depicting the history of this Himalayan mystic land. These paintings also depict the spiritual teachings of Lord Buddha and signify victory of good over evil.

The USP of these monastries in Ladakh is a statue of Lord Buddha which draws visitors from far and wide. And there are prayer wheels everywhere too which are to be rotated in a clock-wise direction. They lessen the amount of bad karma in one's lives.

We had been to Shey and Thiksey monastries on our previous visit and hence decided skipped them this time around.

In these pictures one thing which is notably absent is the azurre sky. We missed clear skies throughout our trip. We weren't entirely disappointed as the skies finally opened up at the Tso Moriri lake towards the end of our journey.

        Chortens - They can be seen everywhere in Ladakh.

                                             Prayer wheels at Alchi Gompa
                                              Spituk Monastery - On our way to Lamayuru

                                                              Lamayuru monastery
                                                       Inside the Lamayuru monastery
                                                                Likir monastery

The highlight - statue of Maitreya Buddha. It was specially prepared to celebrate the visit of Dalai Lamain June'14.

   Diskit Gompa

          The statue of Lord Buddha from the Diskit Gompa

Hemis Gompa is the richest monastries of Ladakh

      Shanti Stupa

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