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With the IPL going on, movie goers like me are starved of choices. But watching a movie like The Call is definitely a pleasant experience. I do love watching thrillers but with an irresistibly charming Halle Berry in it.. the fun just doubles!

Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) works as an operator in the the department of LAPD - 911. She gets a call from a teenager seeking help as a man enters her house. While Jordan is on the call with the girl, her intelligent and purposeful tips help the girl to hide away from the intruder. However while they are on the phone, it suddenly gets disconnected before Jordan calls her back. The phone rings alerting the intruder who succeeds in finding the girl. The girl is kidnapped and is murdered later on. This incident leaves Jordan devastated and puts her in a horrid state of mind. She refuses to take calls and works as an instructor preparing new joinees for the emotionally draining operator job.

On one of those OJT's (On Job Trainings), one of the operators gets a call from a kidnapped girl and she is not able to handle it. A reluctant Jordan takes the call on her behalf and talks to the girl who in this instance is a teenager yet again. She initially calms her down and keeps giving her helpful suggestions on what to do next.

The girl has been kidnapped from a mall and was put in the trunk of a car. Jordan empathizes with the young girl and yet again takes on the mantle to save her from the kidnapper who also kills a few others who try to intervene.

The kidnapper doesn't know that the girl is on the phone with a 911 operator and when he finds it out he talks to Jordan for a while before throwing off the cell phone. His voice rings a bell in Jordan's mind and she immediately knows that he is the same guy who had kidnapped and killed a girl earlier whom she had failed to save.

This time she decides to save the girl by herself. She drives to the place where the kidnapper and the girl had disappeared and locates an underground place where he was hiding. She fights with the man and rescues the girl.
The movie is gripping and keeps you on the edge of the seat. You do not have to wait longer for fear to arrive. In such a fast film, the interval is an unwanted and an uneasy break and given a choice you would want to avoid it.

The end of the film however disappointed me. When Jordan locates the kidnapper, her next step is suicidal. She decides to enter into hidden underground arena all alone to rescue the kidnapped girl. And more so, our girl works for the LAPD but still leaves the killer to die instead of handing him over to the police.

The Call is a good film though. Enjoy it with whoever you would want to!

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