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PAST FORWARD: Sunset Special: A photo essay of my personal voyages

PAST FORWARD: Sunset Special: A photo essay of my personal voyages

Sam: Jaisalmer

Sam is easily the most visited place in Jaisalmer but sadly has turned a bit commercial now. Most tourists come from far off places to watch the sunset at the Thar Desert sand dunes which at times look like a belly of a dancing damsel.

Be aware that the camel care taker may at times rip you off for the fare to watch the sunset. But watching the sun alter its length here is a life time experience nevertheless. Most hotels around Sam arrange for a camel ride into the Thar followed by Rajasthani cultural programs every evening.

We stayed at Chokhi Dhani for 2 nights and I definitely recommend it for a sojourn of at least a night. The sunset hues are absolutely breathtaking and the sky is brilliantly filled with stars once darkness takes over. While in Jaisalmer, miss Sam at your own peril.

                                                                   At Sam - Jaisalmer  

Kerala: Alleppey

I was at the Alleppey beach at sunset - one of the southern most tip of India way back in 2010. The sunset is breathtaking as the sky simply erupts into an explosion of crimson light. After sunset, there is only a sparse crowd left on the beach unlike many other beaches in India (Goa for example) and this lets you enjoy solitude. A stroll at the incredibly picturesque Alleppey beach is a wonderful and an unforgettable experience. It was our first day in Kerala and this splendid experience at the beach was an ideal setting for the entire trip.

                                                           At Alleppey beach - Kerala    

Tarkarli: Malvan

We went to Tarkarli over a long week end. The plan was to spend a night at the MTDC resort in Tarkarli and then another one at Ganpati Phule. Since July had just begun and it was not a tourist season, we throughly enjoyed our stay in a tourist-less Tarkarli and fell in love yet again with the pale romantic rays of the Sun. Spending a couple of days at the villages in Malvan are truly a much required break in today's frenetic life style. It was raining when we reached there but the grey clouds finally parted and light shone through to allow our cameras go click-click.

                                                                     Tarkarli Beach

Koteshwar: Kachchh

The village of Narayan Sarovar in Kachchh - that's the place where I belong. Every visit here has been an anticipated one. Though born and brought up in Mumbai, I do believe I am a Mumbaikar at heart but sometimes its the roots that you want to return to. I have recently started visiting this place once a year and already possess some amazing pictures of a beautiful sunset at the one of the western most tips of India. The Koteshwar temple is about a km away from the Narayan Sarovar village.

                                                            At the Koteshwar jetty

Marine Drive: Mumbai

Most times at Marine Drive I haven't had my camera to capture the sunset pictures but this time was different. I got this one when I was here a couple of months back with some close friends.

The Marine drive and Nariman point make Mumbai the financial capital of India and I always wonder if people working here would for a moment stop to relish such an amazing sight while rushing home after work. I never did when I was working here and now I know what I have missed.

                                               On one of the bank holidays at Marine Drive

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