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                                                DJANGO UNCHAINED : FILM REVIEW

When you think of cow-boys and gun toting action, Clint Eastwood movies immediately come to mind. I have been a huge fan of his movies especially - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Django Unchained too is a similar kind-of movie wherein the director dwells in the civil war America when slavery ruled and the slaves were treated like dogs. But then there always emerges a Hero be it fiction or real life – as Coelho puts in his book ‘The winner stands alone’. Django is a blood soaked story of a slave turned bounty hunter who fights white men to win back his love.

The prime deficiencies to me were too much violence used to exaggerate those bloody effects and unusual length of the film. After about 120-150 minutes (normal length of English films), you feel like going home because you anticipate it is going to end but it doesn’t before taking you to the climax.

Django (Jamie Foxx) is a slave. Fate intervenes in his life and he is freed by a whimsical German dentist turned bounty hunter Waltz (Christoph Waltz). In return he asks Django for identification of a few reckless guys which he does. Together they succeed in killing those bad guys. Waltz promises help to Django to free his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) held captive by a ruthless and evil white man Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). DiCaprio superbly plays a notorious rich man and an owner of numerous slaves who loves watching them indulge in deadly fights.

Django and Waltz hide their motive and try to free Broomhilda however Calvin helped by another black, a nigger-hater Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) understand the real motive of the duo and try killing them. Waltz is killed in an exchange of fire but Django succeeds in killing everyone else after a bloody battle to ultimately free his wife and himself from the clutches of slavery.

Christoph Waltz in an award winning role is exceptional being both witty and a bounty hunter dentist. His immaculate vocabulary too is fascinating. Jamie Foxx acts with the much needed brashness and carries the lead role quite well. DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson (with an unfriendly glare) are unforgettable in their respective vicious roles and contribute a lot to make the movie watchable. I have seen few other movies by Quentin Tarantino and anticipated this to be a good one and I wasn't disappointed. He also brings together Franco Nero (erstwhile Django) together with the new one and the scene attracts a lot of interest. Tarantino has tweaked and successfully presented the age-old formula in a new way and it certainly works.

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