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Movie Review - Dabbangg
Published on on 12Sept'2010

Well, the way Dabangg was being promoted, I am sure you would have already booked your tickets for watching the film this week end itself rather than wait for reading its review and watch it may be, the next week end. I too did exactly the same thing. Also, Salman Khan while promoting the film also appeared super confident about Dabanng. The Eid week end has always worked wonders for him and this year too it has made him happy. Arbaaz Khan’s maiden production Dabangg is already dubbed a Super Hit, all credit to his Dabangg brother Salman Khan.

The film deposits its hopes on Salman Khan and he has delivered, without any doubt. It has everything that we as viewers would expect in a Salman Khan film. Hard hitting action, foot tapping music, an item number and one of Salman’s brother in the film (Arbaaz has a role in the film). Believe me, the film has everything that I have mentioned above and more so, it has Salman Khan, Salman Khan and more of him. The Khan’s of the film industry are known to carry an entire film on their shoulders alone and Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey does exactly that.

Chulbul Pandey is a corrupt but Dabangg cop in a Lalganj town of Uttar Pradesh. He is a step son of Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) who hates him to the core of his heart. His chemistry with Makhi (Arbaaz Khan), the step brother too isn’t great. Chulbul lives with them because of his mother (Dimple Kapadia). Chulbul grows into a hard hitting and a fearless cop. He steals from the rich and powerful and gives it away to the poor and therefore keeps coming into the way of the local goon Chhedi Singh (Sonu Sood). The story of the film is totally predictable as Chhedi keeps losing every fight with Chulbul. Chulbul finds love in the potter girl Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), the daughter of a drunkard. Chhedi tries to take an advantage of the rift between the two brothers to kill Chulbul. But as it happens in most of the masala films, in the end, Chulbul not only succeeds in teaching Chhedi and his gang a lesson but also succeeds in putting his house in order. You can call this film an old wine in a new bottle, because that’s what the story of Dabangg is. But the way the film is presented to the viewers is just too good. It is surprising to see debutant director Abhinav Kashyap, brother of Anurag Kashyap come up with a bollywood potboiler rather than a hard hitting story line for which Anurag is known for. But he surely succeeds in delivering a hit out of an ordinary story line. The director also gives ample opportunities to Salman Khan to stamp his authority on the film and do what he does the best, connect with his fans. Salman Khan once again reinforces his claim of being the most loved star. The dialogues of the film also deserve a special mention, especially the one in which Chulbul says Itne Chhedd Karunga.

S. Vijayan’s stunts go well with Salman Khan. Sajid-Wajid have succeeded in connecting with the listeners and the songs in the film are very hummable. Debutant Sonakshi Sinha appears neat and confident on screen. Actors like Anupam Kher, Om Puri, Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kapadia unfortunately do not have much to do in the film. Sonu Sood too has done well as Chhedi Singh. Malaika too sizzles in the Munni song.

Dabangg is definitely a must watch even if you are not a Salman Khan fan. More so, it is a confirmation of Salman Khan’s longevity. I would rate it as 3 on a scale of 5but Salman deserves 5 out of 5. Watch it for Salman Khan.

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