Monday, January 18, 2010

Spiritual Fitness


Looking back into the history of the entire mankind, we can easily infer that the only civilization which is responsible for creation of ugliness to an extremely unfathomable extent is ours. Riots, Bomb Blasts, Gun firings, rapes, murders etc are common occurrences today. Jealousy, greed and ignominy have become human nature. The multiplication of such events, only means one thing and that is the human nature will not change, so it was, so it is and so it shall be. Seldom has any other civilization created such chaos. The need of the hour is Spiritual Fitness; the word conjures up an idea of some super human accomplishment which is not the case.

Being a Karate student actually helps in understanding this concept. What Japanese call “Zen” is “Dhyan” in Sanskrit. Bodhidharma, an Indian who is traditionally credited to transmit Zen to China, discovered that the monks engrossed in deep meditation were not physically strong to withstand its severities. And since he was equipped with the knowledge of theories and concepts of martial arts, he became their teacher. He knew it was all about strengthening one’s mind and to have such a strong mind, one should have a strong body and thus be spiritually fit. Martial artists believe that attaining the Kuro Obi or black belt is not the end of the journey but only a start, and a contributing factor which establishes a fact that you are ready for the spiritual quest.

The solution to the problems we face today lies in strengthening the body and then the mind. Bruce Lee’s quest to be the greatest martial artist of all time could be understood only if you too want to be physically and spiritually best like him. Unfortunately there are not many who would be interested!!!


  1. I think spiritual fitness helps us to determine what our goals in life are. I'd like to think I'm spiritually fitter than I am physically fit!

  2. Thanks a lot, Simon for being on the blog and for your comments. I named my first (published) article as Goals in Life but the editor named it as Life is a Game of Football. Its there on the blog. Its the best I've ever written, perhaps because it was a breakthrough article which got published.