Sunday, October 18, 2009

Film Review – Blue (Rating 1 out of 5)

The director of Blue, Anthony D’souza wanted to paint the nation Azure during the Diwali festival. He therefore sought the most expensive star cast in Bollywood – Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta and Zayed Khan in addition to some great underwater shots and an imported dame in Kylie Minogue. The 100 Crore film, an opulent spectacle, is a dampener though. The credit should be given to the marketing team of Shree Ashtavinayak films for creating a hype and hysteria around the film that it succeeded in accumulating 16 Crores in the first week itself. I too was a victim of the hype and saw the film on the Diwali day.

Blue was supposed to be a jaw-dropping tryst, the first Bollywood underwater film with a huge array of under the sea stunts. However, these stunts by Pete Zuccarini (Pirates of the Caribbean fame) are not as fascinating as predicted and seem straight out of some Discovery channel show.

The plot is desultory and dangling too. Sagar (Sanjay Dutt) a thoughtful and intense guy, lives in Bahamas and knows about a hidden treasure buried in the sea off a sunken ship years back. He is the only friend of Aarav (Akshay Kumar), an entrepreneur and his employer who is so mean that he never gives an inch. Sagar wants to live a peaceful life with Mona (Lara Dutta) and rejects offers by Aarav to look for the treasure buried deep in the sea because he had lost his father for the want of it. Aarav like a fisherman keeps waiting for the right opportunity after throwing his bait.

Sam (Zayed Khan), an owner of a cluttered mind and Sagar’s errant brother lives in Bangkok. He is a champion biker but unknowingly falls into a trap by a gangster Gulshan (Rahul Dev) who wants to kill Sam. Sam has a choice to either get killed or pay up 50 million dollars to Gulshan. Sagar finally agrees to search the treasure buried in the sea along with Aarav to save his brother Sam.

The climax a lame one, has some daring underwater stunts by all the actors but they somewhat disappoint to the core. According to Sagar the area where the treasure lies is a dangerous place as it is infested by sharks. Surprisingly none of the underwater creatures attack them when they are searching the treasure; and it is only the goons who attack the three protagonists. And the three men manage to find the treasure without any hassles at all.

The music by the Oscar Winner A. R. Rehman fails to score a point as the only hummable number is the Kylie Minogue starrer Chiggy Wiggy. The vanilla flavored Lara Dutta can boast of some good underwater stunts but only has her skin to flaunt. Katrina Kaif looks like a fresh air and has about seven minutes in the film. It was surprising to see the huge paunch of once supremely fit Sanjay Dutt in one of the scenes. Sanju Baba also disappoints in Blue, especially because of the high standards set in his previous hit films like the Munnabhai series etc.

Overall, after watching Blue I feel it is difficult to recall optimism from the ruins it lies under as it fails to meet even the fundamental expectations of its viewers. The film is not even worthy of the ticket price. A flood of memories overwhelms me while watching Blue. This one too is an over hyped Akshay Kumar movie just like his previous so called super hit movies like Kambakth Ishq, Chandni Chowk to China, Welcome et al. For Blue, I would say we had great expectations but were served with great disappointment.

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