Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monza - 2009

It was a day of huge anticipation for Force India. After the superb performance at the Belgium circuit where Fisichella managed a podium finish, a lot was expected of them. Adrian Sutil, who was never touched by history before, didn’t disappoint. It was a professional performance from the German but he got the rough end of the pineapple. He finished 4th and was denied a podium finish by the Brawn GP who pulled off a 1-2 finish. The bar for this race wasn’t raised too much but Sutil will definitely agree that sometimes the difference between the best and the rest is a matter of only a few seconds. He unfortunately lost 2 valuable seconds because of a small error in the pit stop when he lost control over the brakes slightly knocking out two pit crew. He managed to earn points because Hamilton spun his car in the second last lap.

Rubens Barichhello the eventual winner of the race managed to reduce the lead from 16 to 14 for the driver’s championship. Kimi Raikonnen continued his fine form by finishing third, though the difference was between Ferrari and Force India was only paper thin.

This race once again showed us how crucial the KERS is. Both Hamilton and Raikonnen used it to their advantage to keep their cars adrift from Adrian Sutil who was driving exceedingly well in his KERS less car. Sutil never gambled, but his duel with Raikonnen was the highlight of the race.

Earlier, Hamilton also ensured he take a maximum advantage of the pole position. He drove the McLaren wonderfully well and looked set for earning points till the penultimate lap when he lost control on the car and hit the side walls, thus bringing out the safety car on the track. This ensured the Brawn win and there were no more challenges for Sutil.

Sutil’s partner Liuzzi looked aggressive throughout and looked set for points, but a mechanical failure ensured he retired after 22 laps. Giancarlo Fisichella had a quite race but managed to finish 9th eventually and Fernando Alonso of Renault came 5th.

The race belonged to Force India who has shown that the win last week was not a fluke and from now on would be taken seriously by the leaders. It is a wonderful phase for the team which comes rarely and hope they consolidate because it would be good not only for them but also for the longevity of the sport in our country.

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