Saturday, February 28, 2009

River Rafting in Leh

Published on the HSBC Intranet

With temperatures rising in Bombay, I along with my wife headed to Leh to beat the heat. Leh is very famous for its white water river rafting. We had never done rafting earlier; it was our first, surely not the last. There are many options for river rafting in Leh Ladakh; We chose to raft from Phey to Nimu (a stretch of 3 hrs). On the bank of the river, I was filled with thrill, excitement and fear. Traversing through the deep waters amidst deep canyons and soaring snow-covered peaks we reached ‘Nimu’, where the Zanskar river confluences with Indus. The river is graded as class III/IV. The water was freezing cold. There were 3 teams rafting together. We were 8 people on the boat; me, my wife, a family of 5(foreigners) and our instructor.

We performed exciting river rafting. It made me feel very proud of myself that I could raft well in spite of rafting for the first time. I later realised that rafting is a team effort. We had a nice team. The foreigners had experience in rafting and they gave us tips on how to handle rough waters while rafting. Their tips came in handy. Our team was the first to arrive at Nimu.

Foreigners made me realise that, experienced members should guide the inexperienced members for successful team performance. Rafting has taught me an important lesson of my life- “A successful team has all the performing members”. Hence rafting has become a memorable experience to forget.

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