Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quantum of Solace - Review

Daniel Craig in one of his movie pre-release interviews mentioned that he wanted the Indians to watch the movie before the Americans. There was an anticipation for this movie before it was released because of this. A superb performance by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale was the reason why this movie too received such a stupendous welcome. A sequel to Casino Royale, Bond this time fights with Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) who heads the Quantum gang, poses as an environmentalist but actually wants to take control of the Bolivian water supplies. Chasing the bad guys across Austria, Chile, Italy and Austria, Bond wants to take revenge of the killing of his love interest Vesper Lynd who was killed.
The movie begins with Bond being chased by a few henchmen who are eventually killed by him. One of the trusted aides of Madam M, who turned a traitor, is killed by Bond. The search for another lead-Edmund takes him to Haiti and is killed again. Annoyed by the constant killing of such important leads, M seeks explanation from Bond. He then poses as Edmund and meets the devastatingly gorgeous Camille (Olga Kurylenko). Chasing Camille, he comes
across Greene who had plotted to murder Camille. Bond rescues Camille from the clutches of Greene in a boat fight. Bond manages to get hold of the photographs of the members of the Quantum gang and sends them to M. He then reunites with his old friend Rene Mathais and manages to reach Bolivia to confront Greene and kills him in the Bolivian desert.
In the pre-release interview, Craig famously was quoted saying “I’ve added emotions to Bond” (a tear was seen in eye of the normally iron-willed detective in Casino Royale on the death of her lady love). Both Craig and director Marc Foster have tried to change the Bond image. There are no smart tuxedos in the film wore by James Bond, or his supra automatic cars and unbelievably true, no Bond’s delectable style signature statement “My name is Bond” as well. This one is an action packed movie, just like one of our own Bollywood ones.
Expectations are preconceived disappointments. Craig as Bond disappoints this time and Camille is good too but cannot be compared to the unnaturally good looking tan skinned beauty Halle Barry from Die another Day. The plot is clumsy and loose, doesn’t promise the king-size entertainment like his previous one. In the end, you feel let down by this big-ticket movie.

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