Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Interesting Experience

Many people have an uncanny habit of listening to other people’s conversation. I have it. Though I may not be very keen to do that, but it happens unknowingly. It may not be polite but a few times (mostly while travelling) I have come across situations when I was inadvertently listening to my neighbours’ conversation, trying to make the morbid journey interesting.

Last Friday on my way back home, while getting down from the train I over-heard two ladies discussing with each other about an interesting experience. As I was looking forward to get down from the train, I was away from them in a moment to hear their discussion further.

After getting down from the train, the walk down the road to my house was full of anticipation. I kept wondering what that interesting experience could have been. A movie, a meeting, a friend, a boy-friend, a lover, a travel experience? I probably may never know because I never knew them at the first place.

These ladies too may never know how their harmless gossip made a stranger wonder, what it was all about. Was it an interesting experience for me? Yes, it was. As this surely pulled me out of the monotonous journey and diverted my attention in a different direction. I thought, it’d have been better if I’d have listened to the complete conversation and put a full stop to those incomplete thoughts. Men feel gossip is for women, but men do contribute to the gossip in a rather non-participative way.

After reaching home, while watching the cricket match I kept thinking if ever I instigated someone to think about what I said. I had a doubt.

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